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10 Super useful Baby products this Summer

17 April, 2018

Summers are on the verge to come and honestly, now it’s the time to pack your….

Not bags, but a really nice Summer-ready kit that will save yours and your kid's life and skin all the way long during the coming Hot season.

In consideration to babies, actually, they are in a greater need to have an immediate help in any case of getting hurt, tan, thirst or any sort of other needs. So for them you gotta have a special range of all the emergency products that can help your baby to deal with Summer in a quick and smarter way.

Though many different brands of products are present in the market, this time I have opted to write about BuddsBuddy

Here I will describe the most usable products, so keep reading my article to find your answers -

Baby Wet Wipes -

I prefer to start with the Best always, so BuddsBuddy wet wipes are the very first thing you gotta know about in detail(and have for you as well). These are the first of a kind ‘All-natural’ babycare wipes with Vitamin E extract, moisturizer, and Aloe Vera effect. They do not contain any fragrance in order to avoid an irritation to the babies. Undoubtedly, they will prove to be the best natural baby wipes you have ever used.

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Mosquito repellents -

Talking about the mosquitoes and other insects, they are just irritation for everybody. You need to have some permanent solution to this right! The best one will be the BuddsBuddy Mosquito repellent patches, this will automatically eliminate the mosquitoes present all around in the nearby area. You can easily place the repellent patch anywhere in the clothes, and the bands in the hand or legs of your baby. These are the natural mosquito repellents which contain no chemicals or pungent fragrances, thereby very suitable for the babies going for hanging out playtime, rest time or even in their washrooms as well.

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Magic heat Packs -

Hot and cold, both these sensations have the power to heal minor wounds, cuts, bruises and swelling. But everytime you just can’t wait for the water to get hot to heal your wounds. Especially in baby’s case it’s a Big No, No! So what will be helping you out in this case?

BuddsBuddy magic heat packs will prove to be an instant help for the babies, and even for the adults as well. It immediately gets heated upto 130℃ for maximum and then you can easily place it on the hurted area of the baby’s skin. In a very less time, you will notice a reduced pain and swelling in the affected area.

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Cooling Gel packs -

The vice versa of magic heat packs are the cooling gel packs. Actually Summers requires more of cooling gel packs, because it feels cool and it’s exactly what everybody, including your child wants(I know I am right :) ). You need to have cooling gel packs to immediately heal the wounds, cuts, swelling, bruises, eye puffiness, itchiness, allergy and even muscle inflammation. BuddsBuddy Cooling gel patches will be the best choice for you in this case.

Just you have to tilt the coin inside the pack and then the pack will start showing its cooling effect. Within seconds your baby will feel ‘Ice-like’ cooling effect and proper soothing of the wound/swelling will be done.

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Hand Sanitizers -

Clean hands protect from 99% of infectious diseases in kids, says a recent research. And it’s true enough also, as the kids touch and use a hundreds of things like toys, utensils, towels, clothes, pets and what not. So instant way to keep the hands dirt-free, more probably germ-free is a must. For this you can use BuddsBuddy Hand sanitizers, which contain all-natural germ-protection gel combined with fresh fragrances. They can kill 99.9% germs without water.

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First Aid Kit -

Having emergency First aid kit will always help you to deal with sudden cuts, wounds, bruises or any other hurting condition, especially for the babies & Kids. BuddsBuddy brings First Aid kit for such uses, basically, there are two different versions of this product. One is the 39 piece pack, and other is the Mega 125 piece pack. You will be finding everything from Bandages, Gauze pads, Cotton Rolls, Ear Buds, Tape, Sanitizer, Medical Scissors, Tweezers, Cooling Gel patch, Thermometer and every other thing that’s necessary to complete the kit. The 39 piece pack is a very basic first aid kit, which is easily portable and storable as well.

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Oral Care Kit -

Your baby can be very busy playing all day long, eating snacks, pizza, chocolate and what not. This makes to look after their teeth and gums in a much curious way than ever. To not let your kids get problems like teeth or gums pain, you must use the Oral care kit by BuddsBuddy.

The kit has two different versions,

One is the Brushing kit - 15 piece pack, and

The other is a 3 Stage Oral care set, which comprises of a Toothbrush, a Tongue Cleaner, and a Training Baby Toothbrush.

Not only you can keep the baby’s tooth and gums completely clean, but its regular use will eliminate the harmful bacteria to stay in the mouth and spoil the teeth.

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Baby Sippers -

Sippers, cups, tumblers etc. play an important role in the personal drinking hygiene and liquid intake. You must have an adequate amount of water in your body to avoid any sickness, infection, and diseases. For infant babies and toddlers, feeding time is very important and you can give them BuddsBuddy feeding bottles, drinking sippers, cups, tumblers to drink water/milk/juices in the best possible way ever.

The bottles are designed in accordance to the baby’s delicate hands, are color rich and fashionable to look. You won’t find any leakage problem, adjusting or storage problem while using them.

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Nail Care Kit -

And who said that without a proper nail care kit summers will go swiftly for your baby? Means nails of the hands and legs can be bothering if they aren’t kept clean, tidy and well-trimmed. If not, then your baby may get infected by dangerous bacteria during feeding, or biting nails etc. I mean, when nails will not be cut, your baby has greater chances of getting ill.

For its permanent cure, you must try out for BuddsBuddy Nailcare kit. It is a 17-piece pack that consists of all types of nail trimming and cutting tools. You can easily get rid of all the ‘This and That’ of nail-caring when you have this kit for your use.

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Soothing Eyemask -

Eye masks are a very nice way to soothe your baby’s tired eyes after she/he works all day(after all, playing, studying are your baby’s work :)). BuddsBuddy eye masks are a better option for you to have, as you will find the best ever dual use feature, with both hot and cold water. You can easily soothe puffy eyes, allergic reactions, and swelling. Just put the mask in hot/cold water for some time following by wearing it in the eyes. Your baby’s complete relaxation will be done with these masks.

In the end, I would say that products will be products, but you should be only choosing what’s right and best for your babies. As they have delicate, soft and prone skin compared to us, we cannot risk it at cost. With BuddsBuddy products, you can have all your queries solved regarding your child’s complete safety. Must reach out for these products and stay tuned for my upcoming articles!

you can purchase these on our website

Thanks for reading :)

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