10 Things to know about
your New Born

10 November, 2017

You've no doubt been dreaming about your baby for months: what he'll look like, whether he'll be laid-back like his dad or a Type a like you. Here are few things that you must know about your new born.

• He can't see very far.

    For the first few weeks of his life, your baby can only focus on objects 20 to 30cm in front of him. This actually encourages your bonding as it’s just about the exact distance between his face and yours while you feed him.

• You don't have to bath him every day.

Because your baby won’t be doing much in these early days (and because that baby skin is so delicate) you won’t need to do a full bath every day. A quick wipe down of the important bits is all you need to keep him clean. This is called top and tailing – where you use a piece of damp cotton wool (dipped in cooled, boiled water) to wipe your baby’s face, bum area, arms and folds of skin. Use a different piece of cotton wool for each part of the body.

• Your newborn’s hair is probably going to fall out.

This is typical for newborns and there’s not much you can do stop it. Because they don’t have great control of their neck muscles they keep their heads in the positions you lay them in, so do your best to try and lay them on alternating sides and their back. This way you will minimize the chance of having one big bald spot, and it will also help you make sure they get a nice round noggin!

• They love white noise.

You know that black and white static screen of death that we used to see on our old school TV’s? Yeah, they love that stuff. It reminds them of the ambient noise they had while in the womb. You can get a little noise maker that clips on to the crib or the carrier (my son loved that), or even just use an app on your phone that has a bunch of soothing sound options. That ocean breeze option will make you feel like you’re lounging beachside when really you just haven’t had a shower in three days and smell like sweat.

• You should cut your baby’s nails.

You may not want to cut your baby’s nails because you are afraid of making her bleed. However, if you don’t cut your baby’s nails, she will probably scratch herself and, then, she’ll bleed.

• They need to burp.

Don’t let your baby make you think they don’t. Whether their on the breast or the bottle once their born, they are going to get little bubbles in their tummies that need to come out. There are a bunch of different positions you can try to make sure you get all that air out, so find which one works best for you and babe and don’t forget to do it! When they’re being fed, try and stop to burp about halfway through. This will ensure that they’re eating as much as they can, and we all want a little chubby baby.

• You must suction his nose.

Suctioning the nose out correctly will help the baby breathe better and eat better when they get that common infant congestion. Do not do this more than 4 times a day so the suctioning itself does not become an irritant.