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5 Secrets to Eliminate Tanning and Stay
Fresh this Summer

15 March, 2018

Summers are coming and now it’s time for you to get ready with some awesome plans that will give you a fresh, tan-free skin without any doubt! Researchers are cautioning about the alarming rise in the climate temperature for the coming months. So dear working ladies, men and playground lover children, get ready to read the awesome tricks!

Best tips for Sun tan removal -

1. Lemon Rub -

I always start with the very best of everything to look for. Lemon, is one of the best tan removers that you can ever use. And the best thing is that you can easily get it in your home as well. Just cut a lemon into two parts and squeeze it, after that you can rub it on the body parts where you have got the tan. Lemon contains citric acid that is helpful to reduce marks and lightens uneven skin color. It will be very helpful for any kind of tanning removal.

2. Sandalwood Paste -

Sandalwood is all-famous for its skin friendly uses. This woodsy, sweet-smelling timber is a boon for various natural skin-maintenance lovers. Sandalwood paste is one of the most followed tricks to remove sun tanning and diminish untoned skin. You can easily apply sandalwood paste in the night time and sleep. While after getting up in the morning you can wash your face off using it. Regular use of it will give you a fresh and bright skin with no tan on it. It is the best tan removal face pack.

3. Milk & Turmeric -

The same milk that you drink every day can help you out in the tan removal purpose. Just mix some turmeric in warm milk and apply it on the face and leave for some time. After that rinse the face with clean water. When you’ll do it regularly, you’ll feel the difference. Turmeric poses skin brightening qualities and is a united part of Ayurveda, the world famous anti-allopathic therapy.

4.Aloe Vera -

This world famous and praised herb is the best natural skin soother you can ever get. This short stemless plant features various phytochemicals which are helpful in the skin toning, pimples removing, skin brightening and other dermis related problems. You can directly apply aloe vera on your skin, or make a paste by cutting it. As it also poses dietary elements, so it can be eaten as well. A good aloe vera desert will be great for your overall skin health.

5. Tomato

When you will use tomato, your skin will blush red like roses! That means your skin loves tomato, and you can easily use it for performing skin-toning activities. It’s also a natural skin tan remover. Just squeeze the tomatoes and apply the liquid all over the face and neck. In this way, you can easily eliminate the tanning from your skin.

Tanning is a much common problem, especially during sunny times. But thanks to these awesome natural gifts using which you can comfortably maintain a shining skin, without any tan. Go ahead and follow the steps for best results!

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