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6 Impressive Way to Take care of Your Baby's hairs

11 July, 2018

Younger kids have a tender skin, thus weaker, soft and fluffy hair. There’s a great need to keep your little one’s hairs tidy, soft and shiny because if not, it can lead to serious hair loss problems, and even head baldness (no one wants their kids like that!).

Maybe there can be cases where kids may have differences in hair growth and type. Like some may have curly hairs, while other maybe with straight, wavy hairs. One baby can have lesser or thicker hairs according to their genes. What needs to be taken care of is, to take care of them…

Well, let’s take a quick countdown at the things every parent probably use for their baby’s hairs -

  • Baby Hair Oil
  • Baby shampoo
  • Comb and Hair Brushes
  • Hair bands and clips
  • Hair dryer etc.
  • Now think when do you realized that your baby is not getting the right kind of hair treatment, then you immediately start to replace things up. But you must know the right way to take care of your baby’s health. How is this possible? With the same points above, but with some different tricks.

    Here I will let you know about the Boss steps that will be quickly helpful for your baby’s perfect hair care -

    Shampooing your baby’s hair -

    Cleaning your Baby’s hairs is a most important thing to keep them well. But shampooing your baby’s hairs and the frequency of doing so play an important role in the making/breaking for a good hair. A normal way is to wash clean the hairs 2 times a week. Shampooing your baby’s hairs more than this may make the scalp dry and hair even drier. Also, choose a good shampoo for your baby that could be natural and without any chemical add-ons.

    Combs and Brushes -

    Ever wondered about the importance of combs and brushes in the life of every baby? Well, these ordinary, but important home accessory makes its presence felt every time it goes missing. You just can’t comb your hairs without it. Well, you can have the best of combs and baby hair brushes which could be able to comb the soft hairs without hurting them.

    Hair bands, Head Bands, and Clips -

    While styling your baby’s hairs, take care you are not using any pointed, sharp or anything that could be harmful while using it. Clips also, should not be very tight and disturbing to the hairs. Headbands, probably are the quickest way to cover the front hairs of the baby, but very pointed ones can hurt the baby’s skull muscle and have hazardous effects on hair growth as well.

    Hair dryer -

    Hair dryers are not recommended for small babies. It shouldn’t be used either. However, the older kids hairs can be dried with a hair dryer or other machines. But it should be strictly prohibited to a fewer use only. And not much heat should be given to baby’s hairs, as it can damage quickly and more easily than the adult’s hair.

    Nutrients -

    Eating habits of the baby very much determine their health, and thus their hair’s health as well. Infant babies should be fed by Mother’s milk, and none other than The Cow’s milk when they grew older. Good feeding habits, drinking water in an adequate amount is very necessary for a better hair growth and shine.

    Keeping up the hairs -

    My last point is related to the overall hair looks of your baby throughout the day. Either the hairs are tied, semi-tied or left open, you need to pay a close attention towards the styling of the hairs. Do not tie up your baby’s hairs too tight, and do not leave the hairs open every time. Make a knot or tie it up nicely with a rubber band.

    In all these ways you can easily take care of the baby’s hairs. Remember not to overstuff anything, just be general and look after the baby in the most gentle manner. Hairs natural growth promotion will be the best way for its development.

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