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7 Best Protective Ways to Keep your
Child Safe from Water

29 September, 2018

Children are fond of water no doubt unless some exceptions and unexpected, more frankly unfortunate things occur.

What I am trying to say is, that there can be cases your child may fall in some problem being near the swimming pool, tubewell, water tank, bucket or even with one glass of water. So gotta be very careful about any sort of involvement of your kid near the water surface.

Here I will be mentioning some of the must-have protective ways to save your child from any mishappenings. You can use them as the biggest water safety tips for your baby -

● Keep the Buckets Inverted in the home -

The home is child’s residential place, and for HOME in itself is a very safe-feel word, so as it needs to be in real terms as well. In the home, you may have buckets, water tanks, and bottles. Anytime your child can come and start playing with the water kept in it. Especially in case of small babies, they can slip off straight into the bucket or tank and harm themselves.

Lots of cases are there where babies have lost their lives because of accidental drowning in the buckets and tanks.

The best way to encounter this problem is to keep the water tanks tightly closed and the buckets empty and inverted after using.

● Strong supervision while drinking water -

Even a glass of water can get problematic when misplaced. Train your baby to drink water slowly in a proper way. If the water will be drunk too fast, or more in amount, or hyper chugging then it may cause your child to have cough-like problems. Water can also go in the nose and disturb your baby the whole day.

Tell your baby to sip water slowly down to the throat to avoid any problem in the near future.

● Lonely near water is a big NO -

You, as a parent are suggested to always have the back of your kid when they are around water. Never leave your child alone with water. After all, you can’t compromise with the child’s safety, and even if this sounds strict, but you should never leave your child alone with water, or near water resources. Especially when they are in swimming pool, just don’t go away anywhere!

● Take your Kid to Swimming classes -

One of the best ways to protect your child from water is to train them to swim and swim firmly. At a young age if your children will learn to swim in the water, then they can handle the situation if they suddenly fall in the pond or pool or bathtub etc. It will be a revolutionary step ahead as you will power up your kid to learn the swimming techniques that could be saving their lives in dangerous times.

Though it is to know that just does not reduce the risk of drowning, but if you really want your child to learn all the swimming techniques then you should take them to classes when they are 5 years of age.

● Fence the swimming pools

Now, your children won’t be learning all the swimming in one day right :), that’s why you need to have a clean, high and hard fencing done around the swimming pool or any other open water resources. Do not allow access to your children to the open swimming pool at any cost, not even in the kids swimming pools.

● Beware of the Danger in the Outside -

So water isn’t only in the form of swimming pool, it can be drains on the roadside, borewells, sumps, dents on the road etc. Walk with your baby’s hands in your hands, hold them tightly. Don’t let them go near any of the drains, lakes, open ponds. You can take them with yourself in your arms and show them the scenery, no problem with that.

● Caretaking while Water Travelling

Proper water safety for kids is a must. You may enjoy boating and other water activities with your kids. Always wear and make the kids wore the life jacket, and have tubes for a back support. Do not allow your kids to go the boat’s edge or look deep down in the water for long.

By watching out all these points you can see that things are quite simple, yet comprehensive in their own way. Kids are the future of every nation, and they don’t deserve to die by drowning, at least I don’t think so.

Get these ways out as your protective measures to prevent your child to face water drowning-like conditions. I am sure you will be successful in keeping up your little kids safe from water.

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