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7 Lesser Known Facts to know about
Baby Vaccinations

29 September, 2018

There are thousands of facts available with respect to baby vaccinations. The thing is, how many of them you know? Since the first vaccination has been invented, there are so many different stages which have been cleared in order to provide a better healthcare to babies. Here’s a complete list of the lesser known facts regarding baby care.

Having a nice immunization schedule is always helpful for your child to give them a healthy upcoming life. Vaccination not only assures baby’s resistance from any diseases but also protects them from getting harmed due to bacterial attacks.

Why I am saying so is related to our topic for now. Since Vaccination has developed, the main objective is to protect the baby’s skin and immunity from getting attacked by the harmful bacteria. Along with this, there have been certain special terms about vaccinations which are lesser-known yet.

Hence to discover them all you need to take a look at the upcoming points mentioned here –

#Fact 1 – Vaccination aren’t a Complete Safety Guarantee

Don’t think that a one-time vaccination is going to prevent your child every single time from the harmful bacteria. Getting your child vaccine is not a license leaving your child free after it. Vaccination does minimize the chances of developing diseases, but chances can be reshuffled in favor of the bacteria as well.

#Fact 2 – Pregnant Women can get Vaccines

It’s a mere myth that vaccinations should not be given to the pregnant women. Well, it is an exception with Chickenpox or MMR vaccine, it should not be given to future Moms. But the necessary vaccines can be given to them in order to prevent the fatal diseases to enter the body during pregnancy.

#Fact 3 – One Vaccination isn’t Sufficient

It seems a huge myth among people regarding the vaccinations and their dosage. People feel like one-time vaccination is enough for the child or anyone to promote the disease resistance and protect it for a lifetime. But the fact is, that the vaccination needs to be given at regular interval to maintain the disease resistance.

#4 – Vaccines can have side effects

Bitter one, but true. The vaccines may have side effects on your baby’s body. So it’s recommended to always consult with a physician before deciding to get your baby vaccinated. Follow the timely dosage intervals, the basic reasons of having vaccine side effects sometimes are generic, sometimes due to lack of more of dosage or skin incapability to accept it.

#5 HPV Vaccine is for all

If talking about the older babies between 9-17 age groups, the HPV vaccine is considered to be given to only girls. But that’s not true at all. The vaccine is essential for both girls and boys as well. Studies say that 90% genital warts can be eliminated through the HPV vaccines.

#6 MMR Vaccines DO NOT cause Autism

There is no scientific evidence of this myth that due to MMR vaccines, autism happens. This myth got erupted due to a fraud link report by a single newspaper in 1998, but it does not stand anyway before the proof that MMR vaccines are innocent in causing autism at any stage among children.

#7 Vaccines are Tested for a complete safety

You need not worry about the vaccine’s credibility because all them will be tested and approved by the government of the nation before using it. Though you will have to make sure that you are taking the vaccine from a registered hospital or clinic center. Don’t go to any self-proclaimed medical centers to have the vaccine.

Here I have described the lesser known facts regarding the vaccines, the use of vaccines and the effect of vaccines. Baby vaccinations have been decoded up to the best possible extent here. I hope you have liked the article, thanks for reading.

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