Child’s Growth Chart–Food Plan According
to Different Ages

28 September, 2018

So your child is growing right? As soon as they grow teeth, it’s time to change their diet from liquid to solid. Means small kids rely on mother’s milk, but what when they grow up?

It will be better to have a nice diet plan for them. It’s really necessary to set the meals according to the age of your child. Like, you can’t give only milk or juice to a 15 year girl/boy. Means it won’t be sufficient for their proper growth.

Here I will be giving you the magnificent tips for maintaining a nice diet of your child according to their age groups. Let’s start from the little ones first.

# Age Group 3-6 years

This is the age when the child starts to cope up with the world on her/his own. Like eating the normal foods, walking, talking and many more things associated with it. This age needs lots of strong minerals, proteins and calcium in an adequate quantity to given on daily basis. So there requires the need of healthy food for kids.

Food includes – Bread and cereals in morning time. Rice, pasta and noodles in afternoon’s lunch, followed by Eggs, nuts or legumes in dinner. Also give soft seasonal fruits and vegetables accordingly. You must also give them 1 glass of milk on daily basis.

# Age Group 7-11 years

In this age group kids became very much physically active. They play and perform many other activities which in return can make them tired at the end of the day. So this age group demands high dosage of nutrients in a balanced way.

Food diet includes – Grains like oatmeal, barley, brown rice will be very helpful in the overall health management and diet of your kids. Milk, yogurt, cheese, peanut butter are the additives that can contribute high in the proper health of your child. Along with this you must also give them fish, egg, nuts, veggies and dry fruits too.

# Age group 12-16 years

This age group requires a minimum of 45 calories per kilogram of food they eat. This age is not only the development of the physical body, but hormonal change also occurs on a high basis. So a well maintained diet proportion is a must for kids of this age group.

Food includes – Daily diet must include eggs, chapattis and brown bread. Vitamin foods like spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and citrus fruit will be great. Provide them lean meat, fish and milk like nutritious food as well. Give your kids all the seasonal fruits juices to stay hydrated ad healthy.

So in this way, you can easily manage your child’s diet and keep them healthy as well. Just take care of the points described below and see your child growing up into a healthy girl/boy!