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29 September, 2018

A kids friendly parent is one of the most important needs of this society now. As the increasing number of kids mental illness, harassment, and crimes are alarming about a serious change in their natural behavior, now it’s a challenge for the parents to save their natural innocentness, and this can be only done when you are able to understand what’s going on in your child’s mind.

Parents have the Divine presence in the life of their kids. And why not, they are the closest beings in their toddler’s life. In accordance to this, one of the basic things that your child needs, is the love, care, and unconditional back support. You can see the rising graphs of children mental illness and unnatural growth style. So what will be helping you out here?

The different parenting styles you have been using will be a good answer to it, as the way you raise your kid has a lot to do with their overall development. Being friendly and listening to your kid's act as a pillar where the kids can learn to balance themselves and find out the difference between the right and wrong. They also become assured that the parents are listening and thus they can and will share all of the feelings that are going through their minds.

Being friends with kids is literally a better way to understand their mental stability and instabilities. You never know what your child will begin to feel about a certain person, things or circumstances. But this is exactly you need to know. You will have to keep an eye on your child’s daily routine and check what they are doing. But remember, you must not interfere, or feel like interfering every time.

There are simple ways to make your child feel that YOU are their doe them, every time. Give them a hug, a kiss, a backhand, a forehead kiss, a gift, sweets, flowers to let your child blush with a special feeling. Talk to them about their day, play, read and have entertainment with them. Take your child to places, morning walks and show them how to do things correctly. Plan your child’s daily routine and ask them to follow it up, regularly.

Apart from it, show interest in your child’s hobbies. Be with them when they are doing something, thinking, making efforts, or even doing nothing. Teach them new things in a play way method. When they are swinging, help them ride the swing. Your involvement in their life motivates and influences them in a much effective way than you can think.

Start sharing your past life and some interesting things related to it. This will provoke your child to do the same, and thus you will easily know what the current STATUS of your child is. Prepare your child’s favorite dish often, and take care of their health. These are the most basic, fundamental and easy steps which can help you out to raise a kid with a better health, mindset, and character.

Last but not least, the child can only feel good and safe when you allow them to FEEL FREE in your company. Don’t forget they are the birds, and their wings are a bit delicate to fly. They need your support to strengthen that wings, don’t let it cut down. Show them how good works are done. Show them how to deal with something you like, and something you really don’t like. I am sure this will be the best possible way to bring your child to live to their full potential.

That’s all for now from my side, hope this article finds some help for you. Thanks!

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