Reasons for Weight Loss
in Babies/Kids

9 January, 2018

Weight loss in babies is something that worries a lot of moms. I realized this after a conversation with a friend of mine.

My friend and I had a chitchat as she came to our native village for attending her cousin’s marriage. The moment I attended the call, she started pouring her heart over the comments of cousins and relatives made about her baby.

She had been subjected to a variety of comments ranging from “Your baby looks so small and tiny” to “Don’t you feed your baby well, she looks like a feather”. But then this one was ultimate comment – “We asked you to start ragi and other solids from her 28th day onwards, And you didn’t listen to us right? Now your baby is suffering. Look at her weight now !”

After that I have read so many articles and comes to various reason for the weight loss in Kids. Today , I am going to share those 12 Reasons for weight loss in Babies/Kids.

• Activeness of your baby

As long as your baby is healthy and active , there is nothing to be worried about weight . Certain babies are super-active, so their metabolic rate would be high and starts losing weight due to the activities and fussy food intake. If he is gasping or panting for breath post crawling or walking, he needs more energy, so consult his paediatrician.

• Worm infection

Worms can affect your baby’s weight! Worms in baby’s intestine prevent the absorption of nutrients from the food provided. Check with your paed for the possibility of worm infection , he will prescribe medicines to get rid of worm problems, there by helping your baby to put on proper weight.

• Genes

Low weight could also be hereditary. See if anyone from your or hubby’s parents side are on the thinner side, your child would have acquired his / her genes then.

• Long gap between meals

Refrain from keeping a long gap between 2 meals of baby. Ideally a baby should be fed simple and small meals/ snacks every 3-4 hours. If you feel that feeding the child a heavy meal after a long break will help, let me tell you, it does not.

Breastfeed / given water all the time – Loads of water , milk or breast milk could curb the hunger of the baby and reduces the intake of food.

• High intake of fiber rich foods

Avoid too much of high fiber foods like whole grain pasta , brown rice etc, the fibers in it can fill up your little one’s tummy for long and thereby his food intake would be reduced

• No variety in foods offered to the child

Certain babies spit out the food offered , cause they don’t like the taste or they are fed up of the same food given everyday . You can refer to the month wise food charts to get an idea of various meal options

• Poor/ no absorption of nutrients

This can be fixed by adding high calorie foods like Kerala banana, sweet potato, cheese , full cream milk , butter, peanuts, ghee, eggs etc as part of your baby’s daily intake. But that doesn’t mean you have to force chocolate milk or high calorie chocolates everyday.

Note: If your child isn’t gaining weight despite eating a balanced, calorie dense diet, let your child’s doctor know.

• Weight loss due to high metabolism

Babies do tend to lose their weight once their activities increase. Generally they lose weight once they start walking /crawling. This is nothing to be worries about. Just modify their meals accordingly. If you aren’t sure about how and what to feed them, you can have a look at our food charts.

• Loss of weight due to illnesses

You may notice a dip in weight after a bout of fever,cough, cold or HFMD. This again is not something to be worried about. Kids generally don’t eat enough when they are down with some illness. It should get better after they get better.

• Weight loss post weaning

Some babies lose weight after weaning. His / her food should be well balanced with whole cream milk, water , fruits , veggies and cereals.

• Not getting enough hindmilk

If your child is exclusively breastfed, then the child not getting enough of the calorie and fat rich hindmilk could cause a lack of weight gain. You can avoid this by letting the child have enough time on one side so that they get the hind milk too.

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