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Feel Cool in These Extra-Ordinary Travel Destinations with Your Kids this Summer!

10 March, 2018

Summers are coming with open hands and this year the temperature is going to have a hike! So it’s time for you and your kids to have some Good time and exploring some eye-sticking destinations of India. A perfect way to get yourself away from Summer irritation!

Here I’ll let you know about some of the most beautiful and exciting places to visit, have a look at the upcoming points here -

• Havelock Island, Andaman & Nicobar

If the question is of Summer prevention, then no better answer than Island. And that too Andaman & Nicobar Islands, which are world famous for their speechless beauty, seashore and the Sea itself! One of the most serene islands is the Havelock Island, where the temperature does not rise above 22 degrees. You’ll experience cool breeze blowing everywhere on the beach all day.

• Ooty, Tamil Nadu

The Queen of Hill Stations, Ooty is always the ‘All-time’ favorite for tourists to witness and feel the essence of timelessness in between the prestigious Gardens and parks, Lakes and Dams and Reserve forests. Along with this, the evergreen hills will entertain your kids to play all day long in the open space. You can also take them to tribal huts and museums to have a knowledge gaining experience. No doubt you are going to have the best family holidays here.

• Sikkim

North East is holding the best treasures of diverse and magical scenes that you will find nowhere. One of the best family vacation destinations, Sikkim is the crown of the World’s third highest mountain Kanchenjunga. If you are a metropolitan, then this one is absolutely perfect for you and family to go away from busy roads and explore the majestic Tsongmo Lake. The feeling freshness, privacy, and openness in the security of the high mountains will leave space in making your vacations memorable.

• Lakshadweep

Nothing is a compelling as the beauty of this place, Lakshadweep is the best choice for your family to enjoy the loneliness in the small islands away from human interference. This famous union territory of India is actually a group of many small islands, to visit you will require a permit from the Administration. So planning must be done well before going to this place. Though you will have unexpected enjoyment there, for sure!

• Gokarna, Karnataka

In order to experience the breathtaking landscapes, Gokarna is the most promising place to go. It will give you all sorts of ‘Beach-like’ experience, even if you are not on an island or near the seashore. Don’t miss the beautiful and sacred temples of the world famous Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Your kids will love to see the hills enchanting with birds and greenery. It’s one of the most suitable places for family trips.

So, which one you liked the most. Well, all are ‘One of a Kind’ type of destinations suitable not only for you but also for your kids from all aspects. So enjoy your summer and explore these fantastic destinations of our nation. Good luck!

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