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Being A Father

15 June, 2018

“A Good Father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed and yet one of the most valuable assets of our society.”

These lines from Billy Graham are so true and explains the fact which we all know, about Fathers.

Father's Day 2018 is on the verge of coming and you must be busy thinking about the best gift you can buy for Him, but what needs to be thinked of is, is this only one day you’re gonna have fun and miss your Dad and tell him how much you love him, or do something special for him?

Fathers are every child’s asset, their best friend, their protectors. Fathers can do (do)everything they can to keep their children safe. It is the result of this strong connection between Fathers and their Daughters/Sons that we see people, either ordinary or special praising their Fathers, talking about their journey and how Daddies helped them throughout and had their back every time.

Even my Dad is always there every time for me, so I can bet you may find photos of your Daddy holding you in his arms, or you must be wearing his clothes to make you look like him. He must also have brought you your favorite chocolates, toys, dolls, dresses or whatever you told him to. All these things do not require much of money, but a strong emotional connection tells everything.

Children learn a lot from their Dads. Either He is going for work, help your Mommy in Kitchen or performing his normal daily habits, all these things have a big effect on the baby’s mind. So after you have grown to a certain mature age, you Dad looks up to you.

Your Daddy looks up to you in a way to figure where He stands in your eyes, what you think about Him, Are you mature enough to understand the changing life needs, requirements, and advancements? Will you be able enough to hold on to the responsibilities that He has carried so far? Can He give away his inheritance over to you?

Fathers always had a strong back presence in the lives of every child. A Father’s character very much describes the children. How to live and lead a life, all these things can be simply seen through a Father’s lifestyle. Surveys prove that a loving Father makes up the strong base in a child’s character. The shadow of a Dad easily effects and makes up a strong bond between Him and His child.

Father’s day is not just the gifts you will bring up for your Father to make him happy. It’s your progressive attitude and gratitude towards him, your caring and loving nature that will make your Dad a really happy man. He wants to see you fulfilling all your responsibilities and lead your life in a full-fledged manner.

“My Papa used to go to carry loads on his lone bike and drive it to long distances. Slowly he managed to buy a new van, followed by a new car. I saw him struggling everyday, keeping up all the money and saving it for me and family’s livelihood. Now I see him driving in the van, without loads of luggage over his body. If he can do it all on his own, then why can’t I.”

Says, Nidhi, working in an IT firm in Bangalore. You can straight up connect to the feelings of Nidhi and how she looks up to her Papa. Likewise, there are millions of stories, including yours also which is an inherited, treasured memory and makes up an important part of everyone’s life.

So this Father's Day show your true gratitude colors to your Father and bring him the gifts of your smile, love, respect and care towards him. Never leave your Father alone, and make yourself able enough to take care of Him, as He is growing old. Just like he took care of you when you were young :)

Do all you can to make your Father happy, and don’t forget to say ‘Thankyou’ for his countless efforts in making you the person you’re today. Let’s all Say Thanks Together to Our Superman :).

Happy Fathers Day!!

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