5 Amazing Types of Benefits of Story Telling
to your Child

28 September, 2018

Children get attracted and affected by whatever they see in their surroundings. Like in the home they live, in the school, they study, or in the playground, they play. All these places are an important part of a child’s life. But before that, a child must have to know about such things that are important for their overall personality buildup.

How to do it? Well, it’s not a 9 to 5 job that anyone will simply go to an office and perform it. A child needs to be well groomed on the physical and mental level to know everything about living a life and better a good life. And for this, you need to keep a 24-hour strict eye on every move of your child.

‘Story-telling’ can prove to be the best option in accordance with it. It is a play way method where you can tell imaginative or real life-based happenings about certain people, or things with a message that promotes positivity or teaches something. How will it be helpful for your child? Let me explain you through the following points –

Effect 1 – Character benefit of Storytelling

Your child will surely adopt the lessons her/his favorite story teaches. Like, you can tell them the epics of ‘Ancient nation history’ that could make them know more about the country in which they live. This will enrich their character and roots of behaving the right way, taking right decision etc.

Effect 2 – Social benefit

Good stories buildup qualities like wisdom, courage, honesty, and faith. If your child will seem better in behavior, she/he will be respected everywhere In the locality and will have a good image (sometimes better). A story that teaches cultural, social and personal awareness will definitely help your child to have a great public image.

Effect 3 – Personal benefit

Reports prove that storytelling encourages creativity, imagination power and verbal proficiency in children. It can be a great tool for sharpening the memory of your child as well. It helps to see and understand the situations on a broader level. On every personal aspect, your child will be getting help from the stories they listen every day.

Effect 4 – Performance benefit

Personality development based stories enhance the performance level of your child. Whether it is the academic sessions, sports or working on the personal level, they will be able to manage things up on a better level.

Effect 5 – Connection benefit

This is the way of their communicating, listening and connection buildup with other people whoever comes in their contact. With the different stories with meaningful messages, they will come to know the actual right behavior they need to maintain the world. This will result in a better understanding of each other and thus build everlasting relationships.

If you’re really concerned about teaching your child all the important lessons of her/his life, then there’s no better way than ‘Story-telling’. The over digitalization of the world have built up some gaps between the adults and the child generation, but if you want your child to grow up into a perfect person, the start the process right from their toddler-age itself.